Kala Surf Camp

At Kala Surf Camp, our goal is to make your Bali surf trip effortless. We've chosen the best location on the island – by the world-class Uluwatu surf spot. With crystal-clear waters and three convenient reef breaks, all within walking distance from your room, we ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.
Surf Coach

Making your surf trip great!

Kala Surf Camp goal is to make your Bali surf trip the smoothest possible. We picked the best location in the whole island, the world-class spot of Uluwatu. Clear water and three reef breaks walking distance from your room.

We built a comfortable place where you can meet fellow surfers with all the amenities to make your stay a memorable experience.

We offer adventures, guidance, training, rentals, a cozy garden with a big pool and restaurant, western quality hygiene and an all encompassing approach fully immersed in the local culture.

Kala Surf Camp satisfies all levels from beginner to expert, you to feel pampered and cared for.


Please help us as a community to be more sustainable. Kala Surf Camp has established a variety of projects to protect the environment and we needyour help.


Installing trashcans on Local Beaches

Kala Surf Camp has installed trashcans on the beaches around us. These trash cans shall be used to prevent trash from being blown from the beaches to the ocean. All trash cans are maintained by Kala Surf Camp staff.


Plastic Reduction Policy

Kala Surf Camp has reduced the use of plastic in the camp already intensively. We try to negotiate with all our suppliers to reduce the usage of plastic in their deliveries and we use reusable material where ever we can. In Kala Surf Camp we do not sell any beverages in plastic bottles. We offer free water provided by environmentally friendly water dispensers in our camp. Please use our free of charge reusable Kala bottle to support us in the reduction of plastic waste in the ocean. The bottle is made out of plastic that is collected from the ocean. With the use of this bottle you support this project with a reduction of 1‘000 plastic bottles from the ocean.


Water Awareness

Fresh and clean water is a rare and precious commodity in this area. Please try to be mindful and keep your water consumption to a minimum. Almost all the local water in Uluwatu is delivered by water trucks. These trucks are old and cause more local pollution and traffic. Kala Surf Camp has invested in a sustainable rain water solution that allows us to provide water to you that is not delivered by truck. With the technology used we can provide water cleaned by reverse osmosis for your usage. Our local tanks are able to provide enough water even in times when the delivery of water is interrupted.


Electricity Awareness

We are using modern LED technology wherever possible to reduce the electric consumption. We are asking all our guests to switch off any light and the AC in your room when you leave.


Soap / Sun protection

In Kala Surf Camp we use re-useable dispensers for hand soap and suncream. Together with the REPUBLIC OF SOAP® Group we provide natural products during your stay with us:

▪ 3 in 1 soap block - the natural way of cleaning head to toe without plastic involved and having a fully tested vegan product

▪ Sun protection at the reception in re-useable dispensers. We buy bulk sun protection as a fully vegan product, water resistent and not using multiple bottles of plastic for your usage.

▪ Personal Kala ZINK in plastic free package cans. All of these products are vegan and free of plastic.