Surf Spots in Bali

Feel the excitement of surfing at Uluwatu, where the powerful Indian Ocean swells meet Bali's iconic cliffs. Uluwatu, known as a top surfing spot worldwide, combines challenging reef breaks with steady waves, drawing surf lovers from around the world. Dive into the surf's thrill against the stunning backdrop of Uluwatu's coastal beauty.

Guide for Bali Surf Spots

Ready to catch some awesome waves in Bali? Let Kala Surf Camp be your guide! Our Bali surf map shows you the coolest spots, from challenging breaks to hidden gems. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, our map and the Kala Surf Camp crew have your back in navigating Bali's surf scene.

Let us help you navigate Bali's surf scene and enjoy the thrill of surfing in Uluwatu!

Uluwatu - The Best Location for Surfing in the world

Discover the allure of Suluban Cave, granting access to a vast reef with multiple breaks where southeast swells create left-handers galore. Situated at the southwest tip of Bali, Uluwatu Cave opens to a small beach during low tide, offering stunning views of the Grajagan peninsula in Java on clear days. Perched on the cliffs are recently renovated warungs and bars, including the trendy Single Fin Cliff Bar, a surfers' haven for sunset chilling and occasional live entertainment.

Uluwatu - Temples

Escape the crowds at Surf Spot Temple, where fewer surfers venture due to the longer paddle required to reach the lineup. Optimal on smaller wave days, this spot captures more swell than its counterparts, providing a serene surfing experience.

Uluwatu - The Peak

Positioned right in front of the cave, Uluwatu Peak captures the most swell, shining at mid and high tide. With gentle left-rolling waves, this break offers easy access to barrels, allowing for deep bottom turns and breathtaking views.

Uluwatu - Racetrack

As the northernmost spot on the reef, Racetrack boasts a fast, long-breaking wave with incredible barrel opportunities. Best experienced at low tide, this spot demands caution due to the sharp reef beneath, promising a thrilling yet dangerous ride.

Uluwatu - Outside Corner

Dormant until stirred by a significant swell, Outside Corner stands as a legendary spot best surfed at low tide with massive swells. Reserved for advanced surfers, this break, located beyond Racetrack, offers spectators a breathtaking view from the clifftop.

Uluwatu - Bommie

Witness the grandeur of Bommie Surfspot on larger swells and high tide, where Indonesia's biggest waves unfold. A must-visit for thrill-seekers, this big wave spot promises an action-packed spectacle during your Bali adventure.

Padang - A surfing oasis with diverse breaks

Padang, an expansive area encompassing various breaks and two distinct beaches, invites surf enthusiasts to explore its diverse offerings. Local warung stalls provide refreshments and equipment rentals.


Nestled in the southeast corner of Padang, Thomas Beach is a haven for beginners with manageable waves, suitable for surfing at any tide except low. Enjoy a spacious white sand beach with warungs offering bottled drinks and fresh coconuts, accompanied by captivating ocean sunsets.


North of Uluwatu lies the famous Padang Padang, a world-class wave that comes to life with decent swell. Revered for its hollow tubing and challenging lefts, this iconic Bali wave draws expert surfers seeking an adrenaline rush on big days.


Known as Baby Padang, Padang-Padang Right, just a 5-minute drive from Kala Surf Camp, is a beginner-friendly spot with a soft reef break. Paddle out effortlessly through the big channel, without duck dives, and practice longboard maneuvers with ease. Ideal for smaller waves ranging from 3 to 6 feet high.

Impossibles - Bukit's longest ride

Impossibles Reef stands as one of Bukit's largest surf spots, featuring three distinct sections on its expansive reef. Renowned for its photogenic allure when the waves align, Impossibles is an ideal spot for consistent surfing with a high level of difficulty. Advanced surfers will find a hardcore playground with rapid passages, recommended to paddle from Padang Padang or Bingin Beach. Medium-level surfers can also join the fun when the swell is smaller, experiencing the thrill of quick-breaking waves.

Bingin beach - Perfection in the bukit

Often regarded as the most perfect wave in the Bukit, Bingin Beach, though smaller than Uluwatu, receives similar swells. This strong left consistently produces barreling waves, attracting hardcore surfers to its hollow paradise. While less intimidating than Uluwatu, Bingin's consistent perfection draws crowds, leading to long queues. Tides play a crucial role, with mid-tide being optimal. Experts and pros frequent Bingin to explore new twists and turns. Suitable for intermediate and expert surfers.

Dreamland beach - Gentle beach break for all levels

Dreamland Beach offers a gentle beach break suitable for various swell conditions at all tides, particularly thriving at mid to low tide. Featuring three distinct breaks with both right and left waves, Dreamland is perfect for beginners with its easy paddle and mellow waves. The sandy bottom, especially in the beach break, ensures a safe environment for novice surfers. At low tide, it caters to shortboard enthusiasts and body surfers. However, be cautious of scattered rocks. With powerful shore breaks, Dreamland can get crowded with both tourists and locals. Suitable for beginners and advanced surfers.

BALANGAN - Turquoise waves for all level

Balangan presents a beautiful beach and stunning waves suitable for surfers of all levels. The turquoise waves offer a mostly steady, medium-speed left-hander that can be enjoyed at all tides. Ranging from 4 to 15 feet, Balangan's waves become gnarly with a harsh tubing section in the middle during big swells. Beyond surfing, the beach provides opportunities for various water sports activities.