Kala Surf Camp - Surf Levels

The surf levels progress from beginner to advanced, with goals such as mastering pop-ups and bottom turns for beginners, positioning and top turns for intermediates, and advanced maneuvers like airs and snaps for experts.

Surf Levels

Which surf level am I?

In the progression from beginner to advanced surfing levels, beginners at Level 1 aim to master skills like popping up on a hardboard, catching green waves unassisted, and performing bottom turns, while intermediates at Level 2 focus on improving positioning in the line-up, executing top turns, mastering paddle-outs in various conditions, and performing duck dives and cutbacks. Advanced surfers at Level 3, primarily shortboarders, are adept at surfing independently, seeking to enhance their skills with advanced maneuvers such as airs, 360s, snaps, and perhaps even experiencing getting barreled.