What is the General Data Protection Law (GDPR)?

The General Data ProtectionLaw (GDPR) is considered the most important European data protection law introduced in the European Union in the last 20 years, replacing the 1995 Data Protection Directive.

The GDPR regulates the processing (including collection, storage, transfer, and use) of personal data concerning individuals in the European Union. Importantly, the GDPR’s concept of “personal data“ is very broad and covers any information about an identified or identifiable individual (also known as a "data subject").

The GDPR gives data subjects more rights and control over their data by regulating how companies should handle and store the personal data they collect; the GDPR also increases enforcement and imposes larger fines for violations of GDPR provisions, there by increasing compliance to the GDPR, and raises the stakes for

In particular, Kala Surf Camp is committed to

Transparency: Our updated Privacy Policy is written in easily understood, non-legal English and clearly defines how personal data is used as part of our services.

Consent: Consent must be freely given, specific, informed and clear about the use of personal data across our platforms and services.

Control: Clients and their customers may, at any stage, request access to and, if necessary, request deletion of data held within our systems.

Accountability: While every effort will be made to ensure the security of personal data, in the unlikely event of a data breach, the appropriate supervisory authority shall be notified within 72 hours of the breach.

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