Kala Surf Camp - Surf Lessons Uluwatu

At Kala Surf Camp, our serious yet enjoyable surfing lessons, led by expert, patient, and gentle local coaches, ensure quick learning even for first-timers, complemented by theoretical grounding, spot briefings, and practical experience over three days, with additional guided tours to prepare beginners for advanced sessions.

Surf Lessons

Learn how to surf package

At Kala Surf Camp surfing lesson is a serious endeavour. We make sure you can learn quickly while having fun. Our local surf coach are expert, patient and gentle. They will assist you in getting familiar with the basics and make sure you learn how to quickly catch waves even if you never tried.

The Kala surf school offers you qualified training for beginners. With solid theoretical foundations and a briefing for each surfing spot, you then continue to “learning by doing” - your sure way to success. The training takes place over three days at the Kala surf school, where you will learn the basics: paddling, turning the board and techniques to stand up on the board and keep your balance.

After and parallel to the surf school lessons, you can take part in our guided tours for beginners and practice with our surf guides in the sea. This basic course is the ideal way for the beginner to prepare for the advanced surf sessions.

These are the goals to reach the next level

Can Pop-Up on a Softtop

Knows the paddle technique

Can ride the wave straight

Can ride the white wave to the right and left

Knows how to do turtle roll